My BMW/MINI App users now total 4 million worldwide. Further expansion of the My BMW App into an information channel. Updates in May and July 2021 bring wider spread of functions for added customer benefits and extra content.

The My BMW App provides both a direct interface between the driver and their vehicle, and a communication channel with BMW dealers and the BMW brand. For example, the My BMW App allows information on the vehicle’s status to be accessed clearly and destination addresses to be sent from a smartphone to the vehicle’s navigation system. Depending on the vehicle specification, remote functions such as locking and unlocking the doors, Remote Horn and Remote 3D can also be accessed. In addition, the My BMW App alerts the customer when a vehicle service is required and enables them to contact an authorized BMW Service workshop directly. The My BMW App has also been expanded to include the new Explore BMW area. Here the user regularly receives exclusive content from the world of BMW, e.g. on new products, innovations, design topics and events, as well as tips & tricks for everyday mobility. Specific functions for electrified vehicles have also been added.

The My BMW App is available for both Apple iOS and Android operating systems and can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The BMW Connected App expired on 30 June 2021 and has been replaced by the My BMW App.

New features of the My BMW App:

The updates in May and July 2021 have added more important new features to the My BMW App. These are:

  • A new map style including further functional enhancements for the navigation map display. Integration of predictive route planning, which shows traffic on the planned route in real time and enables comparison of fuel prices.
  • The new features also include the visualization of the remote air conditioning function. From now on, the scheduled functions (ventilation, air conditioning or heating) and their remaining times are displayed in the My BMW app.
  • A new function also enables contact-free scheduling and reservation of service appointments outside the dealer’s opening times. The My BMW App reminds the user of scheduled appointments and also offers the option of payment online. This function is another important step in providing contact-free services.
  • The Personalized Service Video increases transparency and delivers more information on the vehicle’s status without the customer needing to be present. A personalized video of the customer’s vehicle is recorded by service advisors and shows the result of a vehicle check – e.g. tyre and brake pad wear. Customers can use the videos to decide what work they want to have carried out beyond regular servicing. This function is not available in the USA, Canada and China.
  • With the new Explore BMW area, the My BMW App now invites users in 26 countries to regularly check out up-to-date and emotionally engaging editorial content from around the world of BMW. The broad spectrum of topics covering every aspect of the brand and mobility initially includes New Products, Design, Arts & Culture and Innovations, while “How to” articles on selected functions and products are also available.
  • Customers can add a debit card to their payment options and, in so doing, save time when making their monthly payments, only available in the USA).

Functions of the My BMW App tailored to electrified vehicles:

  • The Charging area – provided specifically for owners of electrified vehicles (either with a plug-in hybrid drive system or purely electrically powered) – in the new My BMW App contains everything you need to know about charging functions. It integrates clearly presented, at-a-glance information on charging activity, charges in progress, Scan & Charge, and control of charging and climate settings.

BMW Points offers a wealth of additional function updates:

  • Collect points by charging: The vehicle must be charged 20 times per month and charge for at least 15 minutes on each occasion.
  • Collect points by driving: Points are collected for kilometres driven on electric power and for every kilometre covered on electric power within an eDrive Zone.
  • Redeem points: Vouchers can be redeemed via BMW Charging.
  • My Activity summary: Shows the points collected, the number of kilometres driven on electric power inside and outside eDrive Zones, and the number of kilometres driven on combustion-engine power. Distance figures are displayed in km and %. Information covers a particular period of time (this week/last week).

BMW Points will also be rolled out in Norway, Sweden and the UK from 07/21.

  • EVgo Integration (only available in the USA) links the My BMW App with the BMW Charging App (by EVgo), which users can open directly at any time when they want to find a charging station or start a charge.
  • Charging Management offers a detailed overview of a charge in progress (start time and duration of the charge, range, pre-conditioning and current vehicle settings, scheduled departure) in the Charging Plan. Previous charges including the associated costs are shown clearly in the Charging History.