Rivian Automotive has acquired Iternio – a Swedish mapping company and the developer of the ‘A Better Routeplanner’ (ABRP) app. ABRP offers dedicated EV trip planning and has a community of EV drivers in North America and across Europe. The app enables EV drivers to plan and compare routes and assess charging stop options.

Rivian and Iternio will continue to maintain and enhance ABRP as a stand-alone, intended for drivers of any EV brand, while natively integrating its technology into Rivian’s in-vehicle navigation system and the new trip planning experience in OEM’s mobile app.

Rivian trip planning, now powered by ABRP, will support drivers looking to quickly and easily plan their next journey. Through it, Rivian will look to enhance its in-vehicle navigation system and introducing the adjacent mobile experience. Among the app’s key features is its ability for the user to create a route on their smartphone before sending it directly to the vehicle’s navigation system, ahead of the beginning of their journey.

Rivian’s upcoming release will also offer new trip preferences enabled through ABRP technology, including preferences for the available charging networks and estimated remaining vehicle range upon arrival.