PreAct Technologies, a developer of near-field software-definable flash LiDAR technology, will acquire Gestoos – the developer of a software platform that allows users with no specialized training to generate AI algorithms that address their use cases.

The Gestoos AI development platform works to make AI development approachable and can be used to train algorithms for any purpose. In doing so, it offers a library classifying gestures, human motion, and multiple combinations of humans and objects interacting. When paired with PreAct’s flash LiDAR, the time taken to conduct algorithm development tasks can be greatly reduced – benefitting fields such as in-cabin monitoring and automatic door actuation.

Gestoos technology is currently being used or evaluated in applications across several domains, including construction, cargo logistics, and robotics. Within automotive, it supports in-vehicle use cases such as child or pet detection, driver or occupancy monitoring, and behavior-based insurance risk rating, as well as touch-free HMI interfaces utilizing gesture controls.