Parkopedia has announced a new partnership with ChargeHub to enhance the charging experience for North American EV drivers.

Through the partnership, ChargeHub’s network of charging stations across the region will be integrated into Parkopedia’s Payment Platform – enabling in-car charger activations and payments through a single sign-on account on participating Charge Site Operators (CSOs). The partnership also provides drivers with direct access through their vehicles to a number of chargers across the North America region, including Parkopedia’s parking and charging information, dynamic availability data, and charging transactions for EV drivers.

Parkopedia services are currently integrated with various OEM systems, allowing for seamless in-car charging activation and payment functionality while increasing ChargeHub’s partner CSOs access to EV drivers. Parkopedia itself utilizes rigorous data verification processes to ensure that the data drivers receive is complete and accurate.

While catering to passenger drivers, the benefits of ChargeHub and Parkopedia’s collaboration will extend to fleets. Here, operators and drivers will be able to access chargers from numerous public charging networks through a single account, with valuable parking and charging data integrated into this to a seamless user experience. This provides fleet drivers with access to a wide range of chargers, ensuring that they can find chargers locally, while completing transactions and prioritizing fast chargers when needed.