EVCS, an EV fast-charging network operator, and Energy Northwest, an agency in Washington state, have been awarded $14.6 million (€13.5 million / £11.5 million) from the US Department of Transportation’s Charging and Fueling Infrastructure (CFI) Discretionary Grant Program. This funding will facilitate the establishment of over 50 chargers across 12 locations, spanning more than 500 miles (804 km) along Highway 101 in western Washington and coastal Oregon.

The initiative aims to bolster EV charging infrastructure in rural and underserved communities – including Indigenous Tribal lands – along the US West Coast. New charging sites deployed across Highway 101 will aim to accelerate EV adoption among local residents and supporting travelers heading to popular destinations along the highway, such as the Olympic National Park and the coastal regions of Washington and Oregon.

Through it, a combination of DC Fast and Level 2 chargers will be installed at 10 sites in western Washington, and two in northern Oregon. EVCS, operating under contract with Energy Northwest, will oversee the planning, design, construction, ownership, and operation of these charging stations, all of which will be accessible to the public. At the same time, the operator will extend its customer offerings, including monthly subscription plans, to users of the new chargers.

Energy Northwest will manage the grant funding, continuing its tradition of collaboration with various stakeholders, including businesses and community leaders, to integrate EV chargers into their establishments or public spaces. The partnership between EVCS and Energy Northwest works to reinforce their commitment to advancing EV infrastructure development, and promoting sustainable transportation solutions on the US West Coast.