Volvo Cars has announced a new partnership with Breathe Battery Technologies, through which it will invest in the company and gain access to the latest version of its algorithm-enabled charging software. The OEM confirmed that it will begin using Breathe’s software on its new generation of EVs.

By integrating this software into its battery management platform, Volvo is aiming to reduce charging times and enhance the overall driving and charging experience. Here, the OEM expects Breathe’s software to enable a 30% reduction in the time it takes to charge its EVs from 10% to 80%, while preserving their energy density and range. Additionally, these enhancements in charging time are projected to remain consistent throughout the entire battery life cycle, with no impact on its health status.

Breathe’s software employs adaptive charging algorithms to dynamically control the charging process, ensuring faster charging times while avoiding the risk of lithium plating, which can pose a risk to the battery’s performance and lifespan. For Volvo, its investment in Breathe represents its commitment to electrification, and is aligned with its goals to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions and become a circular business by 2040. Furthermore, the investment in Breathe aligns with Volvo’s sustainability objectives, as the technology enables faster charging without the need for new battery designs or additional environmental impacts.