BMW of North America has announced the inclusion of Shell Recharge Solutions as an additional eMobility provider, allowing customers to easily access Shell Recharge, ChargePoint, EVgo, EVConnect, and Blink charging stations through the My BMW App.

The OEM confirmed that drivers can now locate, access, and charge at all affiliated locations via their My BMW app, with payments for all five providers being automatically processed through the app. Through this new agreement, BMW Charging is aiming to provide its EV customers with convenient access to an extensive charging network spanning the North America region, with over 100,000 public charging points in the US and Canada.

Shell Recharge Solutions’ virtual Mobility Service Provider (vMSP) not only simplifies the charging experience for BMW customers, but also eliminates the need to create separate accounts and use separate apps for each individual charging provider. Through the My BMW app, customers will now be able to benefit from complimentary charging with Electrify America, and access multiple provider networks across North America through Shell Recharge Solutions.

Shell Recharge operates on a pay-as-you-go basis, meaning customers only need to add a credit card to their account. When the user needs to recharge their vehicle, they can park in front of the charging station, open the My BMW app and click ‘Charge Here’. All pertinent information for the specific charging station will be shown to the user, including ratings and reviews, as well as photos provided by Plug Share.