With the smart device integrated access solution CoSmA, which will be available to buyers of a Honda e, the technology company Continental demonstrates, what digitalization in the automotive industry looks like. In addition to the car key, buyers of a new Honda e will receive a virtual key onto their smartphone. Using the My Honda+ App, they can unlock the vehicle remotely via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The new Honda e will be available from 2020 onwards in Europe.

With Continental’s solution, vehicle owners will receive a number of virtual keys simultaneously and will thus be able to share their vehicle for example with family and friends conveniently by just sending the virtual key to other drivers.

Besides the hardware for BLE, CoSmA comprises the backend key management on the Continental cloud where keys are created and securely processed. CoSmA works with Android and Apple smartphones and is not limited to the hardware or the vendor of the smartphone. After the initial introduction the Honda e will be available for Europe in 2020.