Iteris, a technology provider of applied informatics for transportation and agriculture, announced that the State of Minnesota through the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) has selected the Iteris ClearGuide solution to support its statewide transportation operations program.

Utilizing real-time and archived traffic data from HERE Technologies – a mapping and location platform service provider – the ClearGuide platform will provide MnDOT with contextual real-time and historical transportation analytics and data.

Under the terms of the agreement, MnDOT has access to powerful ClearGuide features including: dynamic maps to support detailed traffic analysis; features to help identify and mitigate bottlenecks and congestion; animations to analyze events and optimize response plans; historical trend reports and congestion charts to track reliability and support planning; and easy analysis of major Minnesota roadways. Additionally, the ClearGuide platform is designed with the ability to grow and expand to meet MnDOT’s future challenges as the transportation industry grows further, to ingest a wider range of information, such as data from connected and autonomous vehicles.

MnDOT joins over 20 government agencies and municipalities throughout North America, including Transport Canada, the South Carolina Department of Transportation, the Utah Department of Transportation, the Virginia Department of Transportation, the California Department of Transportation and the City of Toronto, that use the powerful transportation analytics capabilities of the ClearGuide platform to manage, measure and optimize complex transportation networks.